10 Years…

We have come across some old pictures on the internet. One in particular was quite interesting. It is the classic annual shot from the top of the Dunluce Center. I wondered how it compares to more recent shots. I think there is a 10 year (2002-2012) difference in shots!


Friends Of CCMC

Something we have been meaning to add for a long time now is a list of links to people and clubs which the CCMC is associated with. Let us start the list here. Contact us if you know something/someone that should be added.



Timelapses this summer

An interesting and reasonably popular type of video thees days is a “timelapse”. This is normally a short video showing a single view over a long period of time. The Irish Mini Owners Club had a go at this at the 2011 Camping Weekend, which turned out like this:

So I hope to give this a shot at some of the mini events this year and have been looking into different ways of going about it. Attempt #1 is below. There is plenty of improvements which can be made (constant exposure etc) and things to work out such as how to do this over a period of time without having to keep an eye on whatever device is recording it. Feel free to make suggestions!

“GiagPan” of the 2012 Mini Show

A visitor to the 2012 CCMC Mini Show stitched a set of pictures together of the Sunday show. The result is quite amazing as can be seen below and really shows the scale of the event. Unfortunately the hill of “class 4” blocks a large chunk of the cars but you can still see most of them.

Can you spot your car?